Dr Pippa Saul-Harrah Cosmetic Dentist Composite Bonding


Dr Pippa trained in Dentistry at King's College London where she won multiple awards, including for her composite bonding and crown & bridge work, as well as receiving numerous commendations for her high standard of clinical work and professionalism throughout her degree.

Dr Pippa has since undertaken numerous further training courses to enhance her clinical skills and expand her knowledge. She believes in lifelong learning to ensure that she is always providing top quality care. Dr Pippa specialises in composite bonding, where she provides beautiful results that can rival porcelain veneers. 

Dr Pippa is also a skilled facial aesthetic clinician. Her knowledge of skin care and her expertise with cosmetic injecting allows her to provide patients with amazing natural-looking results, especially in non-surgical face-lift filler transformation cases. She is currently undertaking an MSc in Aesthetic Medicine to keep her knowledge at the forefront of the field and to ensure that her patients benefit from this. 


Whilst most of her time is spent treating her own patients, Dr Pippa is also a passionate educator and spends part of her time as a Dental Clinical Teacher at Guy's Hospital and part of her time as an Aesthetic Injectables Trainer. She is currently working on creating some exciting short courses to aid young dentists and new injectors in feeling more confident in their respective fields. 


Dr Pippa is truly passionate about her work and always strives to deliver the highest standard of care. She has a gentle and compassionate nature and takes times to explain all treatments in-depth to her patients, ensuring that her patients feel well informed and thoroughly relaxed and comfortable in their treatment choices. 

Dr Pippa Saul-Harrah Wimpole Street Cosmetic Dentist


Dr Pippa works out of several different locations, including the prestigious Harley Street and Wimpole Street in central London for dentistry. Whilst Harley Street is well-renoun as the medical district, Wimpole Street boasts some of the top dental practitioners in London. With beautiful grand entrances and stunning waiting rooms, it really feels like a luxury approach to dentistry.

Dr Pippa currently practices skin care and aesthetic injectables in South West London. 

Dr Pippa Saul-Harrah Harley Street Wimpole Street Dentist

Excellent Service


Great Ambiance

The high standard of care, coupled with thorough examinations, in-depth explanations and a holistic approach to care mean that the service is excellent. 

Dr Pippa's calm and inviting manner, alongside her thorough treatment explanations mean that you will always feel completely at ease and relaxed, knowing that you are in the best possible hands.

With beautiful grand entrances and stunning waiting rooms, the Harley Street and Wimpole Street surgeries feel like a luxury approach to dentistry. The staff are always friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have.