Sports Mouthguards

Sports Mouthguards / Gumshields

The Oral Health Foundation advises that mouthguards should be worn at all times while participating in any sport that involves physical contact or moving objects1.

Participating in sporting activities greatly increases your risk of dental and orofacial trauma. During a single season of play, athletes have a 10% chance of sustaining an injury to the face or mouth2. However, extensive research shows that wearing a mouthguard significantly reduces the risk of dental and orofacial injury3. As well as reducing oral injuries, mouthguards act to retain any fractured or loosened teeth thus preventing their loss, inhalation or ingestion, and they have also been shown to reduce the risk of concussion4, though this is under some debate.

There are four basic types of mouthguards: stock, boil-and-bite, custom-made vacuum-formed and custom-made pressure-formed, and they do not provide equal levels of protection. Research shows that custom-made mouthguards offer the best protection against dental and orofacial injury5, with pressure-formed mouthguards providing the greatest security6. As well as superior safety, custom-made mouthguards also show better retention and comfort compared to other types of mouthguards.

However, even custom-made sports mouthguards can differ in how effective they are. For the greatest protection, a custom-made pressure-formed mouthguard of sufficient thickness and rigidity is required7. Stock and boil-and-bite mouthguards are not tight-fitting enough and do not have adequate thickness in all areas, often lacking in thickness in the areas that it is needed most.

Dr Pippa Saul-Harrah Cosmetic Dentist General Dentist Harley Street Wimpole Street
Dr Pippa Saul-Harrah Cosmetic Dentist General Dentist Harley Street Wimpole Street

Dr Pippa offers top quality custom-made sports mouthguards for the amateur player to the professional athlete. For best protection, a high impact custom-made pressure-formed mouthguard of 5mm thick is recommended. However, should you wish for a more cost-effective option, custom-made vacuum-formed 4mm mouthguards are also available. All sports mouthguards are available in a variety of different colours and designs. 

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