New Patient Examination & Hygiene Appointment

New patient examination

A new patient examination is an in-depth assessment of your dental health and habits for any patient who is attending Dr Pippa's Harley Street or Wimpole Street clinic for the first time. Your appointment will consist of a thorough examination of your mouth, including your teeth, existing dental work and any pathology present. It will include an oral cancer screening and examination of your neck, jaw joint (TMJ) and muscles of mastication. 

You will be screened for parafunctional habits (clenching/grinding) and a thorough assessment of your oral hygiene and dietary habits will be completed, from which we will discuss recommendations for improving how to look after your teeth, as well as the best ways to reduce the risk of future dental disease.

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All findings from your examination will be discussed with you in-depth, including any areas to monitor, as well as recommendations for treatment. For any treatments required, you will receive a comprehensive and personalised treatment plan including all associated costs.

New patients are currently being accepted at our Wimpole Street clinic.

Hygiene appointment

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Also known as a 'scale & polish', a hygiene appointment is essential for the health of your teeth and gums. Your appointment will start with an assessment of your gum health and a discussion about your oral hygiene regime. The treatment involves professional mechanical plaque removal, whereby we use specialised instruments to remove any plaque or tartar that has built up on the teeth and around the gums. This is followed by polishing the teeth to remove any surface staining and to leave the teeth feeling clean and fresh. Finally, we will discuss recommendations for how to improve the health of your gums, as well as the best ways to reduce the risk of future gum disease.

It is recommended that you have a hygiene appointment at least every 6 months to keep your gums healthy, however if there is a lot of inflammation of the gums or heavy tartar build-up then we may recommend a visit every 3 months. If active gum disease is present then periodontal treatment may be required.